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Norwegian Noodle Pudding. Not Just Another Gingerbread Man. Notchland Inn's Cranberry-Orange Pinwheels. Notchland Inn's Pressed Christmas Cookies. Nusstorte Nut Cake. Nutjammer Cookies. I also love being able to be myself and I love being surrounded by amazing Kamaji people!!! I also love the mundahmins!!! Favorite dessert: Caramel ribbon bars! I want to spread as much kindness and joy to everyone I possibly can this summer!

Favorite dessert: raspberry truffle ice cream. It is a wonderful place to learn new things, find adventures and gain confidence to be yourself without worry. Favorite dessert: chocolate anything! Each moment spent at camp is an adventure. Favorite dessert: Chocolate Chip Cookies. Hometown: St. I love coming back to be with my best friends all summer long! Camp makes me so happy because I am constantly surrounded by smiling faces and positive energy.

Kamaji is my happy place and I love everyone there! Favorite dessert: Cookie dough brownies of course!! It sounds cheesy, but Kamaji really is my second home. Favorite dessert: Chipwiches!! Hometown: Deerfield, Illinios Education: Sophomore in Highschool Years at Camp: This will be my seventh summer Why you chose to spend your summer at Camp Kamaji: I chose to spend my summers at Camp Kamaji because this is the place where I have met my best friends, and I would not be the person I am today without camp. Favorite dessert: raspberry truffle ice cream of course.

I have forged friendships stronger than those back home. Favorite dessert: Rasberry truffle ice cream. It is honestly what I would spend my summer doing anyway — only this way, with better weather! Why you chose to spend your summer at Camp Kamaji: I grew up at Kamaji and it is my favorite place.

It is a true happy place and brings out the fun side of me! Favorite dessert : Raspberry Truffle Ice cream. Years at Camp: 2 Why you chose to spend your summer at Camp Kamaji: I chose to spend my second summer at Camp Kamaji as last year I had the best summer ever, making friends, memories and teaching on the lake. Years at Camp: 1 Favorite dessert: Cookie Dough. Years at Camp: 1 Favorite dessert: Special K bars. Years at Camp: This will be my first year! I wanted to challenge myself with something new, but also have fun while learning new things. Favorite dessert: Ice cream. Also I am wanting to attend to get back in touch with nature and to escape the demands of technology and the pressures of university.

I want to remember to have fun, a summer full of dance and outdoor activities is the perfect way to remember that. Years at Camp: This will be my first year at camp Favorite dessert: Almost anything with the word dessert in it! Particularly cheesecake or syrup pudding with custard. Last year I was an LT and I really liked being on staff and teaching swimming.

Campers always make me smile! I am excited to be a JC this year! Favorite dessert: Cookie dough brownies. Favorite dessert: Raz truffle ice cream. Activity: Waterskiing Hometown: Melbourne, Australia Education: Currently studying paramedicine Why you chose to spend your summer at Camp Kamaji: I chose Camp Kamaji because it looks like so much fun and allows me to teach the girls something I am so passionate about and love waterskiing!! Years at Camp: This will be my 1st time at camp! Favorite dessert: Chocolate pudding with cream and strawberries.

Favorite dessert: Cookie Dough Brownies. I have met the most amazing people and continue to grow and learn more every year I return. Years at Camp: 1 Favorite dessert: Sorbet or sherbet or frozen yogurt. Kamaji has been my happy place for the past nine years and I love sharing that joy with other people!

Favorite dessert: Raspberry truffle ice cream. I believe working here will help me achieve another level of responsibility in my life. I feel like it has the right environment and vibe for me to work in and be comfortable with where I am and who I am with. Favorite dessert: I absolutely love the chocolate self-saucing pudding that my dad makes, its a classic Edmonds recipe and I can still remember my dad making it when I was little. My favorite campy dessert would be banana splits! Cut the banana down the middle and fill it with marshmallows, chocolate and cookie crumbs, wrap it in tinfoil and cook it on the embers of the campfire for a few minutes until the chocolate melts and the marshmallows go gooey — they are so yummy!

Favorite dessert: Chipwiches. Activity: Swimming Hometown: Busselton, Western Australia Education: Travel and Tourism, Torrens University Years at Camp: 1 Why you chose to spend your summer at Camp Kamaji: I wanted to join in on camp for the experience of meeting so many lovely people, while doing something I enjoy — swimming in the sun!

Years at Camp: This is my first year! Why you chose to spend your summer at Camp Kamaji: I love the outdoors and teaching art! Favorite dessert: Italian ice from the stand near my house, lemon flavor. The line was long, but it was worth the wait. It was nice to have a little piece of New York in Chicago.

Milk Bar is known for their compost cookie and crack pie. The cookies are soft and chewy and come in a variety of flavors. The slight crunchiness from the cornflakes and the creaminess of the marshmallow were divine. The combination of sweet and salty with the butter filling made it highly addictive. Greenridge Farm is technically not a restaurant but served one of our favorite bites. They are a family-owned business who simply produce natural deli meat, sausages, and cheeses.

The meats are hand-crafted and naturally-smoked using high quality ingredients. Chef Graham Elliot, Partnering Chef, created this magnificent recipe using their sausage, which is made in small batches daily to ensure freshness and preserve the authentic European flavor. It is definitely a crowd favorite and one of ours. The crispy, sweet corn batter is filled with chunks of tender lobster meat, then topped with lemon aioli, paprika, and chopped herbs.

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