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Travel with children in India is usually a delight, though you and your kids may have to get used to being the centre of attention. Locals will thrill at taking a photograph or two beside your bouncing baby. This may prove disconcerting, but you can always politely decline. As a parent on the road in India, the key is to remain firm, even if you feel you may offend a well-meaning local by doing so.

The attention your children will inevitably receive is almost always good-natured; kids are the centre of life in many Indian households, and your own will be treated just the same, but it can be invasive and tiring for kids, and being continually touched by an array of strangers can bring hygiene issues. Hotels will almost always come up with an extra bed although they rarely have more than one, so you may need to do some bed sharing as a family, or get two rooms , and restaurants can usually find a familiar dish or two for inexperienced tummies. Best Regions for Kids Rajasthan Vibrant festivals, medieval forts, fairy-tale palaces, tiger safaris, camel rides across desert dunes and a well-oiled tourist infrastructure for hassle-free travel.

Goa Palm-fringed white-sand beaches, seaside activities and inexpensive exotic food; an ideal choice for family holidays, whatever the budget. Uttar Pradesh The picture-perfect Taj Mahal and the nearby abandoned city of Fatehpur Sikri will set young imaginations ablaze. Kerala Canoe and houseboat adventures, surf beaches, Arabian Sea sunsets, snake-boat races and wildlife spotting. Himachal Pradesh Pony and yak rides around colonial-era hill stations, rafting, horse riding, tandem paragliding kids can do it , walks and, for older kids, canyoning around Manali.

Ranthambhore National Park, Rajasthan Hop aboard a jeep to search for monkeys, peacocks and tigers. Evening safaris are best for young children: morning ones tend to be too early, too long and, before the sun rises properly, too cold. Udaipur, Rajasthan Go boating on the lake , take a horse-riding excursion and explore enchanting palaces.

Orchha, Madhya Pradesh Wander the crumbling palaces and battlements of little-known Orchha , then go rafting in the Betwa River. Again, evening safaris are best for youngsters. Delve deep into the jungle or roam the plains at the tiger parks of Kanha , Pench or your best chance for seeing one, Bandhavgarh. Elephants, Kerala In Wayanad kids can spot wild elephants, as well as langurs, chitals spotted deer , sambars deer , peacocks and wild boar. Dolphins, Goa Splash out on a dolphin-spotting boat trip from almost any Goan beach to see the marine mammals cavorting among the waves.

Hill-station monkeys Head up to Shimla Himachal Pradesh or Matheran Maharashtra for close encounters with cheeky monkeys but not too close…they can be vicious! Keoladeo National Park, Rajasthan Rent bikes for a leisurely cycle around this lakeside bird reserve. Autorickshaws, anywhere Bump thrillingly along at top speed in these child-scale vehicles. The struggle of no warm water and your stomach tends to rumble. The Green Sand Road. Walking through this springtime land Full of dark woods and fields Where daisies grow and lilies stand By running brooks that laugh and reel. Butterflies take flight Not knowing the havoc they cause.

I'm not sure if it's from fright Or because there are no laws. Their wings beat and beat Along the walls of their cell. My Change, Our Change. Hidden behind posters, Behind words, Behind screens. A Gentle Hold on the Past. Moonchild by Teresa Cruz Summer night drives through the town I called home.

Every single street silent and dark only the light of my friend to make me feel safe. My friend, The Moon. A pair of baby socks; Pure white like snow; Soft and warm like a hug; smaller than the palms of my new parents' hands. Free of loose strings, holes and stains; A blank page to write. Growing up. Growing Older, Feeling Younger. Many of the experiences that make us grow are uncomfortable Many of them are surely life-changing Some of them are relevations My growth experience, sure, it was painful But it made me accept the pain. When Reality Clicks In.

Spring Cleaning.

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I Grow Like a Tree. Is growing up like graduation, A sudden change, an exclamation? Or is it like radioactive decay, As childhood wastes away? Whatever the case may be, What it is for you, It will not be for me,. It is time to wakeup before mom and grandma remember not up the volume to loud on the t. Growth, So Recognizable.

You know, that when you leave your house, your bed will still be there along with your blankets and pillows. Birth of a Serpent. The container of her life Turned against her. A poem to my future self. Simon Says. Popped Knuckles. I want to take the skin from the the back top part of your neck All the way past your shoulder blade And make a comforter out of it. What Made Me Grow Up. Some people say paying taxes, getting your license, finishing school… …drink at the bar, be in the jury, or finally move.

Love Hurts. She, The Indomitable. Inspired by the following: The Book Thief - personification. The Hunger Games - Katniss Everdeen, the girl on fire. Thor:Ragnarok - Hela, the goddess of death. Anxious Reticence. I have changed so much. Inside my head. I have only been to the circus a couple times But there are a couple things about it which I clearly remember The controlled chaos The performers and the beasts. The Very Last. For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday. Because of them It all began when I started to like boys. But little did I know, those were all decoys.

They told me sweet nothings as if I was one of their toys. Winter Solstice. Days grow longer, nights colder; Everything seems to change. Same face, same clothes, same friends, same creation. My Pack. Rushing, rushing, rushing the current in my mind a constant reminder of the light I cannot find. Freezing blue water, turns my heart cold my pack has forgotten of the "I love you's" I once told. Inner Demons. Slam me down Pick me up Wonder why what I do is never enough For you Sweat drips down my spine Tears drip down my chin.

My mother always caressed my hands, and I was always warmer than her. It was hard for me to understand, but warm hands are what most people prefer. A 10 Letter Name. Her grip was like claws around my throat dragging me down making me ebb away into the distance. She sat on my pillow every night and asked me what she was doing there why she had always been there.

Ice cream my favorite snack Cookie dough chocolate chip in particular Ben and jerry's My favorite ice cream place. Goodbye, My Friend. At what point did I grow up? At what age did I lose my innocence? When did I see the true colors of the world? Dark, muddled and no bright hues, All gilded, we are blinded from the truth. Deeper Than Embarassing. Ever since I was sliced from the belly of my mother, I had always felt embarrassed. This emotion had brought upon me a type of distress which is hard to escape not because it is impossible, but because it was deserved.

Just A Thought. Life doesn't hand out free passes, You push through the current, Or swim parallel to get back to shore,. Can You Know? Bubble Gum. Three in a row. I must confess, I'm cold. Baby, I'm cold. I'm a heartbreaker. But love fills our lungs like air and we must breathe it in. My Last Letter to Santa. When I was a little girl,. Death of an Intellectual. People yearn for attention, pictures, videos, A contagion of media, However, I wish to recede into mystery, A shadow in the background.

A well-dressed silent martyr of who no one knows the sound of their voice,. Mirror Image. She's Gone. She's gone I fell in love At nine years old And I never doubted my heart was taken They said, "You're going to have a little sister" And I felt it start to leave I screamed and saw my life change. My life is change. It is, Language, Feeling like an outsider in a foreign context yet being amazed by the unique utterance. An experience,. The Young Sapling. The Volcano. Her eyes are glittering, filled with fire, Her face aflame with wrathful ire— And the red hair on her head Is bright lava smoothly shed.

She leaps up toward the flashing light, Like a phoenix in full flight—. Too Bright To See. The devil is brighter than the love you be. I look back to my youth My pride, joy, confidence Like a bullet proof suit Now I stay in the confines of my room 1 2 3 4 Walls containing my pain But when, when did it all change. Chop chop chop I watch them cut her down everyday They are vicious with sharp blades And loud laughs I watch as every blade gets deeper the sap pour out Chop chop chop They tear her down with her own blade. His love she cannot hear.

In his Heart; the crying notes she cannot hear. Butterfly Effect.

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Moving from New York to Atlanta was a huge culture shift for me. Exactly Human. The lamp shade remains crooked, but you put it off Until tomorrow and you start falling into that place; The place without walls, but filled with floaty feelings,. I Feel Like a Kid. When you claim to not be a child, it's like Saying you can breath underwater or see through walls: Only a child thinks that.

But to say an adult cannot be a child. Little One. You were so quiet before. A meek, fragile sort. Confidence is King. The kid that was the king,It was really quite the thing,He ran about without a doubt that what he was doing was great. The Beast Hunts. Stalking through darkness A feeling of encroaching predation He seems to have a prowess In checking for my sedation Blinded by his appitite.

Key to happiness. Happiness is key to life. Sometimes I find the key then I lose it and have a hard time finding it again. Golden Repair. Mother Sun. The Color Red. My Then Makes Me Now. During the shallow times I call then I was filled with no types of experience. My life took action with the knowledge I have received, which back then was small and little known. Long Road Ahead. As the robin longs for spring, I know not what degree of warmth; Your advent to my frozen xyst shall bring. How easy it is to fashion the blade The one that drains ichor from the veins One manual screwdriver One small clump of poster putty One small piece of paper One razor All to make one blade.

There is a collection tray, Decorated with a golden cover And pretty rocks the crows brought; As it is passed around The false silver scream at false gold, Both bronze,. Childhood is sunny the clouds begin to emerge Keep sight of the sun. Brotherly Love. Anger, a muscle memory, triggered by his voice now teasing, now taunting, now icy creeping in my ears and down my spine. All the Times I've Grown Up.

The first time I grew up, I was ten years old. I was wearing a blood red dress And a wide-eyed, prepubescent smile. My mother bought me ice cream. Grief that Made Me Grow. A crack resounds from the soul of the earth. Oh the monster, Hiding with my friends, She told me, What you apparently said. Oh the monster, She wears a mask, She hides it deep down, But she's really sad. Flower Garden. Even when I think it'll be a rainy day, I watch my blue skys fade away from grey. Sunflowers dance all around, Under the clouds I'll never be found. I love my little flower garden,.

My Universe. The stars of your eyes glide over my life Your constellations have me hypnotized Fantasizing about your planets I blast rocket ships into your space. A Befitting Value. Patience What is it? A nonexistence. The mind was wicked, and the body was involuntary. Play around, aggravate sound, Adam found. Indeed, an innocent one. New ones, soft, thin, smell like a new magazine.

To a jail? A hell? A cage? No To a library, gather the knowledge, read the books. One, the book of life, we do not read. We write. This new year, this new passage. The Sports Page. Wrestling stats, baseball team hats, Years go in plays and new quarterbacks. May Variegate - To diversify in external appearance especially in different colors. Simplicity is the beginning, It is easy, Nothing to stress about But one mustn't stay there for too long.

Late Night Glow-Up. Me and my little sister all alone Mom and Dad are not home Empty stomachs howl in the night not a crumb of food lays in sight. From Here. I was once that awkward little boy Fumbling with my shoelaces as my crown jostled upon my head I ruled with an iron fist on those late summer nights as the realm of the backyard became my own Until. The air becomes dry and the wind stops mewling familiar hymns that I stopped singing So that I may talk to you.

A big sister's little goodbyes. So I ask, what good is a picture, that doesn't speak? What good is a mouth, if it is only used to devour? Then I proceed to ask, what good is a "man" who knows not, when to hold his tongue? Infinite Growth. We never really grow up. We're constantly learning. There is pain in the process, But there is growth from the pain, And there is excitement in the growth. So revel in the excitement. Heed this call forevermore To avoid this sordid gore That arises from this deadly sin Apathy - it always finds a way to win. Painting with Music. The Light Which You Become.

It wasn't until one day, A Thursday to be exact, That I opened my eyes slowly To the shimmering beams of light. Soaked deep beneath my skin, I welcomed the light.

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The glow emitted from within me. Things seemed to have changed since that time long ago,. What are you? I really wanna know I have all these theories but no evidence to show For it, it's strange really You look like your white but there's something different. You never think twice. I've acted like clay. I've shaped myself and even bent myself backwards. I've done that for a person who doesn't think twice about me. I've converted my dull image into a mysterious, intriguing one.

Dreams Refined. Fire in the Rain. I can see your face when I'm alseep the words you never said rest heavy on my heart. On Growing up. The Dresser. It took a while. Until I could look up at the sky and instead of hiding myself out loud, start living for the sun behind the clouds. Start looking for those lemonade skies and imagine flying by.

So We Drown. Life's Camera. Snapping photos,Paper-printed memories. Both good and bad,They are forever preservedIn the scrapbook of our minds. Mary Jane. He was the light in the dark the burning flame in my heart until she came around. He was my best friend, my obsession for him i had ever lasting passion but she came around.

Walk, Stumble, bend, Crack, break, trip. Swollen hearts shatter. The whsipers grow bigger, louder. Never silent, always wild. A rose snaps in the wind. The storm quiets,. Honeybee Man. Is there a right age to learn about Death? My grandfather would argue there is not, That we should learn about it early on to face the tragedy when it arises.

A dress form is a peculiar thing. Much like a dress form,. Slowly letting go of my childhood as a voice leads me into the right direction. I stare and analyze myself as if I'm searching for an answer. Old Enough. Love Compatroit. I love you, i cherish you beyond imagining never comparing you with no other You sacrifice things to make the love grow to an undisputable dimension. To My Dearest Nostalgia. I reminisce about the days I rode my sparkly-blue bike down every street and back road. Racing cars even though my legs never moved fast enough to win. The wind was always so cold against my skin, but it gave me a sense of possibility.

Compare Others to Myself. There came a point last year when I realized I've grown; I wasn't the same person that walked through the front doors freshman year; It was as if the narative of my life had taken a different tone;. Who knew I needed water, Maybe the doctor. Water is the answer to health, Which now I know means more than wealth. Falling Up. She was the apple of my eye To bad she had to die She was the love of my life If only she didnt fight She was the one who took my heart.

The Playground. Panic is a bathroom sink, Grime-covered and overflowing, Tearing the skin off my hands With its vicious heat splashing, Burning cold through spilled ink. Unborn and already A path has been chosen By those that are not them - To become another cog In the inescapable machine that is society. Eleven ounces lighter, I stepped on the gas pedal, Eleven ounces lighter I had to push a little harder. Leaving home was too easy. The goodbyes were only temporary. But, what made it difficult was leaving her.

Eleven ounces lighter, I stepped on the gas pedal, Eleven ounces lighter, I had to push a little harder. Control Freak. She promised me control and gave me just that for a price my life, my body, my soul. Trips to a box to rid myself of fuel so happily consumed so easily expelled. Confession of the Gen Z.

Little dots are all connected, all around the world, How come that from all those stars, Only some shine more and more? I can't see the stars, my view's polluted, Only the brighter ones,. Imperfect yet still here. White imperfections on the skin, Hard on the touch, shinny, firm. Little white crescents, battle marks, Bigger marble line, accident signs. Lightning bolt that reigns my finger,. Why I Love the Moon. I had gotten used to the lines by now. I no longer felt the eagerness to ride.

The exhilaration seemed unappealing and mertilus. Little Rose. I thought you stopped growing in the winter. Only ONE! Only One! Words Can't Hurt Me. Each syllable slides like ice, Piercing, While the memories unbearable are. Take a breath, pause. Step back, pause. Am I okay? Sit at home wondering why, my body isn't like theirs. My voice isn't like theirs. It's like the world is,. Now I am Free. They don't understand, No matter what i tell my friends, They don't know who i am They criticize me and don't know me.

It hurts so badly,. Fight the Fear. Graceless, the sinking soils, a cold thorn between Venusian thighs Had pierced her bud so aggressively, Despite my vociferous efforts, To keep him away: Above the lands, I find the tattered remains of letters. It's NOT the Gun! Why do they keep doing this to me? Don't they know I'm F'ed up on several meds? That I'm emotionally unstable? Caged Heat. Rainbows follow the storms, I am a storm that became the Rainbow. What did I do to deserve this life sentence?

I sit alone and cry, stuck in my thoughts trying to find a way to break free from all this pain and misery. Fear that Future Ahead of You. Am I Good Enough? Tune for Two. Summer Again. Starry Night. Cliff of Prose as Metaphor for Resilience. Vast and deep, cavernous and abyssal, gaping and yawning, such was the endless nature of my trepidation, full-bodied, looming, that omniscient shadow, solidifying, forming chains, holding fast,.

Pit Bull Speeches. Why do you have an accent? My Dwelling. Home is a place where love lies and family resides. Home is not a place where buildings are constructed. It is a place where flowers do not always. I was picked on. The Journey. It was a looming figure, the shapeless ones you see in the dark enshrouded by a halo; A halo with no recognizable source.

It was a ravenous beast. Letting Go. They were unrelenting. A tough mind of delight, Raised by the fire not light, A shinny hair of the goddess of the night, Who dares to take hold of the blight,. Stand Up. The cogs of a clock for a mind, Always churning. A razor blade for a tongue, And the eyes of a predator, daring you to challenge.

Countenance the Rain.

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Rain patter-pitters on the windowsill. Shouts echo through the hall- broken glass, hours pass. The Color Of You. Blue used to be my favorite color. Your eyes were like looking at the sky on a perfect summer day. But skies turn to storms and you struck me harder than any lightening bolt. When faced with dangerWe must stare it in the faceAnd scream. It is in our human nature. Arrivals and departures They ask us why we always leave them. Time Flies. My childhood was a lime-green twist car that raced fast across the living room. Thirty laps to go, around an oval track with a dining table, in the middle.

My sister a cosplayed. I Am Strong. I am prisoner to Insecurity. How do I get out? How do I set myself free? Insecurity has a friend: Anxiety. Listen let me tell you. Out to Sea. I took my dark thoughts down to the seashore, But they just stayed inside or behind me. I don't want to be with them anymore, So I treid to free them out to sea. No matter how hard I try to let them go,. Fear of heights, and falling from tall skyscrapers—.

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The War in Me. Beowulf versus Grendel A classic tale of battle, which continues in me. My Grendel has terrorized me for years, Sinking her claws deep into my soul Every day I fight back — Becoming my own hero. My best moments were ten years ago. Being able to jump in my parents bed Feeling the warmth of their sheets. Not thinking that one day I would have to let go. Little readers will love helping Lois search for her friend Bob at the beach and encountering their friends along the way.

Little readers will love helping Lois search for her friend Bob behind museum artifacts and encountering their friends along the way. Each book in this series follows a vehicle on its journey with holes in the pages. Little ones will love finding them peeking through, and turning the page to see what the holes become. This high-flying rescue will be requested time and time again. This journey to the farm will be requested time and time again.

Maisy and her friends are headed to the farm! A pop-up play scene at the back of the book has press-out pieces of Maisy, Cyril, and their new farm animal friends, along with a red barn awaiting hours of play. Every day is a gift; celebrate the joy in the things large and small, and give thanks. A Board Book that invites young readers to look at animals in the African wild. Mama Tiger swims up a zig-zag river, climbs onto a shady branch, and follows a bird into fragrant flowers. What is Mama Tiger looking for? Based on the beautiful designs of Mr.

An adorable board book for the babies and toddlers of gay fathers, featuring a variety of diverse loving families with two dads. An adorable board book for the babies and toddlers of lesbian mothers, featuring a variety of diverse loving families with two moms.

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Learn to count with Peter Rabbit and all his friends in this warm, lyrical, and beautiful board book. Take your preschooler on an exciting journey through space in this cute baby board book with flaps to lift and pop-ups to enjoy. Meet the colorful unicorns as they explore a magical kingdom in this cute baby board book with flaps to lift and pop-ups to enjoy. If you could cross a calf with a chicken, would that be a cacken?

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Would a kippy satisfy folks who love kittens and puppies? With this inventive book, children are invited to flip the pages to make outlandish creatures with silly hybrid names. Ten playful puppies want to talk about opposites! Discover the different types of dinosaurs that once roamed the Earth in this simplistic and vibrantly illustrated book perfect for young nonfiction readers. But when the rain stops and Ducky is sad, who can bring the sunshine back? A simple, sweet, irresistible board book featuring the beloved Blabla dolls!

Full Color Illustrations, 24 pages. Sylvie the color-changing flamingo makes her debut in board book! Full Color Illustrations, 34 pages. Fairies, butterflies, and magic help to make this math-focused book from Danica McKellar, the New York Times bestselling author of Goodnight, Numbers and star of The Wonder Years, positively enchanting! Full Color Illustrations, 38 pages. The Three Little Pigs is a traditional fairy tale perfect for reading with children aged 3 to 5.

The second magical unicorn-filled collaboration between Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Brigette Barrager is now in a toddler-friendly board book format! This Mythical Creatures Are Real board book offers babies and toddlers a glimpse into the colorful, whimsical world of unicorns. Play hide-and-seek with Peter Rabbit in this lift-the-flap book! Celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the moon landing with little ones by lifting the felt flaps to discover four hidden spacethemed friends. Then find the mirror under the final flap! Five stylishly illustrated spreads show a series of friendly park animals hiding behind bright felt flaps.

Where are you? There you are! Brave or shy, short or tall, slow or fast? Opposites abound in a colorful book of animals, inviting readers to celebrate each creature for its differences. There are lots of creatures at the beach. Where are they hiding and what are they doing?

In this innovative lift-the-flap book, little ones can explore under rocks, shells, and seaweed to find out lots of interesting facts about seaside wildlife. There are lots of animals on the farm. In this innovative lift-the-flap book, little ones can explore behind bushes, hay bales, and barn doors to discover lots of facts about farmyard animals. A far-out counting board book celebrating the 50th anniversary of Woodstock! Now available in a board book edition, this lyrical bedtime book is an ode to baby birds everywhere and to sleepy children, safe in their beds.

In a comics follow-up to the Disney film, Elsa and Anna resolve problems in their beloved kingdom and make new friends along the way. In four original tales, the family of Supers face challenges of life and villainy—growing up, older, and into their special powers, as they fight together against the bad guys who make heroes like Bob, Helen, Dash, Violet, and JackJack, necessary. An easy-to-read counting book, inspired by Dr. Seuss and illustrated with artwork from his books!

A word book featuring real-life people, places, and things—as well as beloved characters and objects from the works of Dr. Full Color Illustrations, 16 pages. Full Color Illustrations, 8 pages. The 1 New York Times bestseller discovered just a few years ago is now available in the Beginner Book format! This beautiful little gift book featuring The Very Hungry Caterpillar provides a simple, easy-to-follow journey to relaxation, perfect for children and adults. Based on the mightily uplifting little book, Ishi: Simple Tips from a Solid Friend and its adorable Instagram account, ishitherock, Ishi Postcards is a set of 30 Postcards to send to someone in need of a boost.

Go, little Hogs! Good Night Bath Time highlights bubble baths, bathtubs, sudsy soap and shampoo, bath toys including rubber duckies and toy boats, fluffy towels, and more. Get ready to splash around in this charming board book! From Chatham Light all the way to Race Point Beach, this enriching and colorful board book introduces little nature enthusiasts to the natural wonders of Cape Cod National Seashore. This educational and colorful board book pairs everyday objects with an array of colors, making it fun and easy for young readers to understand the world around them through a classic bedtime story.

Welcome to the world of coral reefs. This charming board book presents mindfulness in kid-friendly ways. Children are naturally mindful and curious; Goodnight Here and Now helps kids strengthen those natural tendencies to build resiliency in fun ways. Good Night Moose highlights the moose life cycle, moose calves, yearlings, adult moose, bull moose and cows, antlers, fur, moose hooves, a typical moose meal, moose tracks, moose in different habitats, and more!

Welcome to the wonderful world of the moose! Good Night Redwoods features Redwood National and State Parks, coast redwoods, redwood facts, banana slugs, Roosevelt elk, redwood roots, redwood bark, park rangers, and more! The tallest living things on Earth are sure to inspire young nature lovers in this adorable bedtime board book. Good Night Seashore features beaches, the ocean, crabs, shorebirds, marshes, dunes, starfish, sea turtles, seaweed, urchins, seashells, clams, lobster boats, plants, jellyfish, minnows, seaglass, fishermen, dune buggies, surfers, swimmers, sand castles, and more.

Good Night Sharks features great white sharks, whale sharks, spinner sharks, blue sharks, hammerhead sharks, leopard sharks, mako sharks, tiger sharks, bull sharks, thresher sharks, angel sharks, blacktip sharks, cookiecutter sharks, and more. When fourteen-year-old Selina Kyle, aka the future Catwoman, becomes homeless, she must confront questions of who she is and who she will become.

From the 1 NYT best-selling author of The Martian and Artemis, and illustrated by webcomics creator Sarah Andersen, this graphic novel brings together the heroines of Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, and The Wizard of Oz in a charming fantasy mash-up as they join forces to defend their worlds from villainous threats. Full Color Illustrations, pages. Created for younger readers, here are two stories showing how Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde make time with their parents and siblings special! A graphic novel biography of the escaped slave, abolitionist, public speaker, and most photographed man of the nineteenth century, based on his autobiographical writings and speeches, spotlighting the key events and people that shaped the life of this great American.

Hilda and the Great Parade unfolds the all new content, as seen in the Hilda animated series on Netflix, picking up where Hilda and The Hidden People leaves off. Caught up on Hilda on Netflix? Craving more adventures with your favorite blue-haired Sparrow Scout? This is the book for you! More badges, more thrills, more friends in the newest Hilda illustrated chapter book! A Marvelous new era begins here! Readers of all ages can get tangled up in these all new adventures of Spider-Man and his astonishing friends!

Princess Mera is teenage royalty and heir to the throne of Xebel, a penal colony ruled by the other not-so-lost land under the sea, Atlantis. Her father, his court and the entire kingdom are expecting her to marry and introduce a new king. But Mera is destined to wear a different crown Full Color Illustrations, 64 pages.

Narwhal and Jelly. Exuberant Narwhal and skeptical Jelly test the waters of adding a new friend to their pod when they meet Otty the super-adventurous otter in the fourth book of this blockbuster early graphic novel series! Full Color Illustrations Throughout, 64 pages. The polar ice caps have nearly melted away, causing devastation to coastal cities. Erratic, deadly weather forces everyone inland, tearing families apart. Earth is facing its greatest crisis—and Superman and Batman are nowhere to be found.

Touch and feel the embossed pages while searching for animals in the backyard, on the farm, in the ocean, and more. Full Color Illustrations Throughout, 14 pages. Touch and feel the embossed pages and search for a star, book, teddy bear, and more while getting ready for bedtime together. Enter a world of magic and adventure in this stunningly illustrated comic based on traditional Russian folklore. Touch and feel the embossed pages while finding and pointing to all of the fun that happens on the farm.

Discover favorite vehicles—such as trains, trucks, and cars—by pointing to and finding them in every illustrated scene, while touching and feeling the embossed pages. More than of them are hidden in more than 90 puzzles. This new collection of beloved, classic black-and-white Hidden Pictures puzzles features travelinspired scenes and over objects to find with picture prompts. Two Color Illustrations Throughout, pages. Brain-twisting and ultra-challenging puzzles for the most experienced puzzlers come together in Ultimate Puzzle Challenge! Full Color Illustrations Throughout, pages.

Animal Mazes contains over 35 fun and colorful animal themed mazes for the youngest puzzler, including traditional mazes, string mazes, pattern mazes, and more! Full Color Illustrations Throughout, 48 pages. This book of two-player Hidden Pictures puzzles will engage and entertain kids in a variety of ways— working cooperatively, taking turns, and competing to solve double puzzles. With more than objects to find, kids will have twice as much fun searching for them all!

A unique blend of age-appropriate tracing and writing activities are combined with puzzles to make learning fun while helping preschoolers build color, shape, and pattern recognition and develop lifelong learning confidence. Hidden Pictures are supersized in this unique format with 12 sturdy cardstock double flaps that fold out on every spread and reinforce learning ABCs. More than hidden objects and animal characters make the searching and learning even more fun! Full Color Illustrations Throughout, 12 pages. Hidden Pictures are supersized in this unique format with 12 sturdy cardstock double flaps that fold out on every spread and reinforce learning numbers from 1 to More than hidden objects and vehicles make the searching and learning even more fun!

This inventive new puzzle collection invites kids to play in two ways—by finding hidden objects in each Hidden Pictures puzzle and by embellishing each scene with the 50 repositionable puffy stickers. Each puzzle is also paired with mazes, drawing, and matching activities. A unique blend of age-appropriate tracing and writing activities are combined with puzzles to make learning fun while helping preschoolers build letter-recognition and develop lifelong learning confidence.

A unique blend of age-appropriate tracing and writing activities are combined with puzzles to make learning fun while helping kindergarteners build early math skills and develop lifelong learning confidence. A unique blend of age-appropriate tracing and writing activities are combined with puzzles to make learning fun while helping preschoolers build number recognition and develop lifelong learning confidence.

A unique blend of age-appropriate tracing and writing activities are combined with puzzles to make learning fun while helping kindergarteners build letter-recognition and develop lifelong learning confidence. Organized week-by-week and aligned with state standards, kids will love the puzzles that make skills-practice fun plus the bonus pull-out Hidden Pictures progress poster, fun reward stickers, award certificate and the extra activities that they can take outdoors.

Kids can play in two ways —by finding silly things in each puzzle and by embellishing each scene with the puffy stickers. A unique blend of age-appropriate tracing and writing activities are combined with puzzles to make learning fun while helping kindergarteners build logic and critical thinking skills and develop lifelong learning confidence. A unique blend of age-appropriate tracing and writing activities are combined with puzzles to make learning fun while helping preschoolers build fine-motor skills, prepare for writing success, and develop lifelong learning confidence.

Travel Mazes contains over 35 fun and colorful travel themed mazes for the youngest puzzler, including traditional mazes, string mazes, pattern mazes, and more! The hilarity of knock-knock jokes meets the fun of door decorations. The reusable write-on wipe-off pages and wipe-clean marker provide endless hours of learning fun with puzzles and activities that help build math skills and lifelong learning confidence. Full Color Illustrations Throughout, 56 pages. A unique blend of age-appropriate tracing and writing activities are combined with puzzles to make learning fun while helping kindergarteners build alphabet and handwriting skills and develop lifelong learning confidence.

The perfect addition to any Easter basket, this themed collection of Hidden Pictures puzzles is inverted, resulting in a unique puzzling experience. Kids ages 6 and up can use the included yellow highlighter to create fluorescent scenes and find hundreds of hidden objects. Raj and Dad are going on an adventure. But then disaster strikes! Dad has left his wallet at home! The mischievous stars of Seen and Not Heard climb out of their paintings for another nighttime adventure in this gently spooky bedtime story. Patricia Toht and illustrator Jarvis capture all the excitement and familial feeling of a favorite holiday tradition.

Five stylishly illustrated spreads show a series of gently spooky creatures hiding behind bright felt flaps in this Halloween offering. Maybe moms really do have superpowers! Gift giving during the Stone Age gets tricky when Caveboy and Cavegirl share the same birthday. From the author of Strega Nona comes the story of the shepherd who heard the voice of God and converted the Irish people, now in a special format just right for the youngest readers. An irresistibly adorable mouse tries to find her Passover plate before sundown when the Seder begins in this colorful Jewish holiday story.

A playful and engaging cookbook, written by teenage media stars The Kitchen Twins, with more than 75 accessible, fun, and delicious recipes for everyday cooking. A new board book for the youngest fans of Leo Lionni—inspired by his bestselling books and perfect for baby showers and anyone looking for an alphabet book to help teach the little ones in their lives the ABCs!

A fun-filled construction site board book from Richard Scarry—just in time for his th birthday! Little Golden Books celebrates the colors of summer! No more shoes for me! Boldly go where no one has gone before with the launch of this new series of Star Trek Little Golden Books! I am NOT a unicorn. I am NOT a fish. The exciting story of the Apollo 11 mission, published in a book for the youngest readers upon the 50th anniversary of this remarkable achievement! A perfect bedtime read to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing! An oversize edition of the best-selling Easter-themed Mad Libs that will have everyone hopping with laughter!

Join Llama for 21 original stories! Write your own adventure with Tales from Mad Libs in stories that change with every reader, every time. The World of Roald Dahl Mad Libs features 21 wacky and wonderful stories with blanks to fill in based on the works of beloved author Roald Dahl! Wondering what toys Maisy likes to play with? Just look for the tab that shows a puzzle piece and turn to the page. Today, Maisy and her friends are off to see a show! From the rise of the curtain to a standing ovation at the end, Maisy takes her fans on a trip to the theater that makes a new experience familiar and fun.

What kinds of things does Maisy see when she goes outside? Turn to the tab with a soccer ball on it to find the park, with swings and a skateboard. Naming everyday things is always more fun with Maisy leading the way! Maisy and her friends play with building blocks, practice their counting, and sit down for story time. A pop-up classroom waits at the end of the book with paper press-outs of Maisy and her pals. Tell your dad how much you love him in this sweet and fun book with the characters from Mr. Tell your mom how much you love her in this sweet and fun book with the characters from Mr.

This lively introduction to the fascinating world of science explores the different kinds of science, what scientists do, and the amazing things that scientists study: animals and plants; oceans and space; earthquakes and volcanoes; sound and light; inventions and more! These sturdy pages showcase animals and how they move, with amazing photographs, super-simple facts, and lively, age-appropriate language to keep babies and toddlers—and their grown-ups— fascinated by every colorful page. These sturdy pages explore the basics of the solar system with amazing photographs, super-simple facts, and lively, age-appropriate language to keep babies and toddlers—and their grown-ups —fascinated by every colorful page.

Get ready to laugh, chuckle, hee haw, and giggle! This collectible little book is packed with hundreds of silly, kid-friendly jokes paired with hilarious photos of laughing animals and people. Time to sleep! Mummies, pyramids, pharaohs, King Tut! Kids everywhere are fascinated by the wonders of ancient Egypt, and this colorful reference book is jam-packed with 1, fascinating facts.

This collection of heartwarming and surprising true tales celebrate heroic animals who saved the day, impart important lessons, and can inspire us to help change the world. From amethysts and tanzanite to the sparkling geodes and erupting volcanoes, get the latest geological insights and intel straight from the field from National Geographic explorer and geophysicist Dr. Sarah Stamps.

This year the Almanac features all-new content, interviews with explorers in each chapter, and a new Challenge for kids who want to get involved with helping our planet. Chock-full of puzzles, optical illusions, cranial challenges, and information on the latest research in neuroscience, this awesome activity book helps you discover even more about your amazing brain!

From playing to tumbling to cuddling, this playful nonfiction picture book pairs rhythmic, rhyming text with adorable photographs as it explores sibling relationships in the animal kingdom. They have super senses! They leap clear out of the water! They swallow prey in a single gulp! And, well, so is this book! Those big round eyes! Those fluffy ears! That squishy tummy! Pandas are And, guess what? So is this book!

Ever wonder why some creatures just make you want to cuddle them? Join us in the science lab to ooh and aah over adorable animals and discover why CUTE is just so darn irresistible! Good dog, Dolley! Good dog, Tiger! Decode your dreams and discover the fascinating science, history, and culture behind dreaming in this awesome write-in journal. Trek into the field with insect expert and National Geographic explorer Dr. Dino Martins to study all kinds of critters that creep, crawl, and fly to learn what exactly an entomologist does!

Unlock ancient puzzles and secrets introduced via supercool codes and ciphers in this companion book to the new Explorer Academy series. Pet puns, witty captions, Internet memes, and laugh-out-loud real-world anecdotes make this collection of hilarious animal pictures and stories a perfect package for jokesters and animal lovers alike.

This coming-of-age memoir, set during the Iranian Revolution, tells the true story of a young girl who moves to Tehran from the U. A young, orphaned chimpanzee must start at a new school, where he will learn how to climb and build his confidence. Stunning photographs from award-winning photographer Gerry Ellis are sure to captivate young readers and raise awareness about chimps and the threats they face. Explore the moon from all angles, from its place in the night sky and our solar system to its role in shaping human history and culture. Create your maker space with this fun and instructive book, chockfull of hands-on activities and cool experiments to get kids thinking and tinkering.

Discover the wonder of wolves from Emmy-award winning filmmakers Jim and Jamie Dutcher as they tell their story of the six years they watched, learned about, and lived with the Sawtooth wolf pack. Sporty kids will go ball-istic over this supercool new sticker activity book from National Geographic Kids! Start exploring with the latest Ultimate Explorer guide to spotting, discovering, and identifying bats, badgers, chipmunks, and hundreds of other mammals in and around your own backyard. Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing with the next book in the hit nonfiction board book series, Hello, World!

Young children love to eat apples. Moore holiday poem. Birds come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. In a lyrical ode to our winged friends, the creator of Trees turns her eye to a diverse species that has much to teach about transcending the barriers that lie between us. A strikingly illustrated introduction to the homes of birds across the globe. In this unusual, dazzlingly colorful picture book, award-winning author and artist Susan L.

Roth compares her work in collage to that of the fascinating bowerbird species. Teach your kids how to focus their thoughts and notice the world around them with this fun mindfulness kids activity book. Just in time for the World Cup! A gorgeous introduction to the twelve brave men who have left footprints on the moon, just in time to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the first lunar landing.

Visit all inhabited continents via a series of striking graphic stamps by printmaker Tom Frost, depicting more than thirty species—some familiar, some you may not have known existed—all of which are in danger of not existing for much longer. A must-have for every animalloving child, this is the cutest introduction to everything kids want to know about horses and ponies. Dive deep with Gail Gibbons as she explains the mechanics and discoveries of deep-sea exploration. There are fish everywhere! Some of them live in fresh water, some of them live under ice, and some even live in the desert.

Young readers will learn where in the world these fish are found in nonfiction from a much-loved illustrator. This is the right book for the present moment and perfect for fans of inspirational nonfiction such as I Am Malala and anyone who believes that one girl can change the world. Now in paperback! An empowering, inspiring—and accessible!

No chasing! No stretching or straining! And never, ever sweat. These were the rules girls were forced to play by until Title IX passed in And it was a game-changer. What in the world is a hurricane? Billie Jean King is one of the greatest tennis players of all time. Read about this amazing woman athlete in the seventeenth picture book in the New York Times bestselling series of biographies about heroes. Maybe old-school hunting plus tech-savvy skills make a winning team? Learn about the amazing natural science of trees in this illustrated nature and science book. With humor and charm, a bluebird narrates her first year of life— adventures, joys, and scary times too—in this companion book to My Awesome Summer by P.

As the sun sets over the Sonoran desert, wildlife gathers to witness a very special annual event. The night flower is about to bloom. Explore the fascinating desert, from pollinating fruit bats to reptilian monsters, in this beautiful nonfiction picture book. A treasure trove of extraordinary ocean animals. Featuring art and writing from the students of the Parkland tragedy, this is an unedited look at the lives of these teens and a poignant representation of grief, healing, and hope. Propeller planes, jets, pontoon planes, helicopters Nonfiction Elegantly repackaged editions in David A.

Welcome to the museum that is always open to explore. Step inside the pages of this book to discover galleries of galactic matter, expertly curated to bring you the experience of a fascinating exhibition in the comfort of your own home. Nature-loving and crafty year olds will love learning all about weather in this charming crafty science book. A fully illustrated and timely gift book that celebrates fifty women who broke glass ceilings in the entertainment industry, debuting in the wake of one of the biggest scandals in Hollywood history and during a historic moment in the entertainment industry.

Issac plays in his favorite pool on the mountainside. From the tiniest raindrop to the deepest ocean, this breathtaking celebration of the water cycle captures the remarkable movement of water across the earth in all its majesty. Who wins, the assassin bug or the spider? The bat or the frog? The ant or the honey bee? Biologist and debut author Susannah Buhrman-Deever explores these clashes in poems and prose explanations that offer both sides of the story.

Discover the astounding science behind illusions and magic tricks in this book for kids ages Learn everything you need to know about space exploration, from the first satellite to incredible new plans for living in space. The Dealing with Feelings series returns to help kids battle the green-eyed monster—jealousy! Paperback edition includes stickers!

The essential guide for intrepid young explorers to the skills and techniques you need for outdoor adventure. Dinosaur fanatics will love hunting down the TRUTH about their favorite prehistoric reptiles in this innovative new Science Reader series. Full Color Illustrations, 48 pages. Just as a pebble is part of a mountain, just as a wave is part of the sea, every one of us part of something bigger.

With collage illustrations and lyrical text, Toni Yuly invites readers to celebrate the natural world. A wonderful new Peter Rabbit book with a heart-warming rhyme that celebrates moms everywhere. For families, art lovers, and history buffs alike, Leonard S.

Albert wants a quiet place to read Can they figure out how to have fun together? B is for Baby. B is for Brother. B is for going to see Baba! Little ones learning about language will love sounding out the words in this playful, vibrantly illustrated story set in West Africa. A dauntless lass and a hyperactive dragon learn to keep pace with each other as they forge a friendship. Inside the cozy house, a baby has arrived! The world is eager to meet the newcomer, but there will be time enough for that later.

Right now, the family is on its babymoon: cocooning, connecting, learning, and muddling through each new concern. The kids are in for a treat when their parents leave them with a babysitter who is truly out of this world—an alien! This all-new storybook series features Batman and the DC Super Friends helping kids tackle common fears! A man of Native American descent contemplates what lessons he will pass on to his newborn son in this heartfelt, expansive exploration of fatherhood, identity, and legacy. The surprisingly clever answer will make kids—and parents—laugh.

You probably know a little about crocodiles already. Enormous Big and tiny Little, two adorable dogs, go over and under, deep and shallow, in and out in pursuit of a butterfly. Let boys cry! This picture book imagines a world in which boys are encouraged to express their full range of emotions. Open up this book The story of life on earth unfolds in dramatic fashion in this amazing picture book that takes readers from 4. A tender story about two best friends who must move away from each other. With a sprinkle of imagination and a lot of love, Button and Bundle will learn the true meaning of friendship.

Imagination meets reality in this poetic and tender ode to childhood, illustrated by Caldecott Honor winner, John Rocco. A charming Beginner Book about a lovable—but sometimes hard to see—lizard by award-winning illustrator Bob Staake! From the often Caldecott-buzzed Deborah Freedman, a sweet and funny story about finding your place in the world. Told through the warm lens of a beloved pet, The Cat Who Lived with Anne Frank captures the life of a young girl filled with promise in a way that young readers can appreciate and understand, with art by the NY Times bestselling illustrator of I Dissent!

This book is about Circle. With their usual pitch-perfect pacing and subtle, sharp wit, Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen come full circle in the final chapter of their clever shapes trilogy. Count from one to ten with a vivid set of unique animals! With his signature humor and amazing facts, best-selling author Jerry Pallotta offers a decapod for every letter of the alphabet.

In this humorous celebration of fatherhood, an irresistably adorable and real! Bigger than a digger

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